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Put these quick tips on lasting longer into action tonight

If you experience trouble during sex and are unable to last long enough to satisfy your partner it can seem like a huge problem.  And for many men, the more they worry about what might happen the next time they have sex, the higher the chance that their anxiety will increase which can make their problem even worse still.

If premature ejaculation is causing issues such as this it is well woth heading to www.working-relationship.com/pe-3.html and learning about how an in depth guide from an expert can work really well to improve your performance in bed. If you get the right guide, the results can be fantastic; however they will take a while before you start to see the full results, so this article will look at a few things that you can do right now to get immediate improvements to your lasting time.

Take deep relaxed breaths

By breathing deeply both before your start having sex and during it you will find it much easier to reduce anxiety and muscular tension as more oxygen is delivered into your bloodstream. The key is to breathe in deeply for about 10 seconds hold for about 2 then exhale steadily. This is one of the best ways to see quick improvements to your lasting time but will be more effective once breathing in this manner becomes instinct for you and you start to do it without even thinking about it.

Start off slowly

It’s best to start off very slow with your stroke rate in order to give yourself a fighting chance to get used to the sensation and survive the early stages of intercourse. Once you have made it past the first 2 minutes you’ll find that the chance that you will be able to last longer will increase markedly.

Focus on her

This works much better than the old “distraction” technique when done correctly and will lead to much more enjoyable sex for both you and you woman. The key is to focus right in on the woman you are with but you have to tune into everything. If you make the mistake of only focusing in on some parts of her you are bound to fail.  Make sure to caress her body a lot and really focus into how she feels. If you can get this right you’ll soon enter a zone where you start to forget about yourself and stop worrying about not lasting in bed and before you know it 5 and then 10 minutes will have flown by.

Alternate positions

Try to switch up your positions as much as possible. Positions where you’re lying on your back require less muscle tension so it will be best to switch to such a position if you find yourself struggling. It’s much better to change your tempo or switch positions than completely stopping and starting as it allows you to keep stimulating your partner giving you a higher chance of being able to reach orgasm.

Give these a try tonight…

For a guy wanting to improve you lasting ability these 4 areas are a great place to start, but if you are really serious about putting in a great performance in bed and eliminating premature ejaculation completely then you should be taking it to the next level and developing complete ejaculation control through a series of premature ejaculation exercises and training systems such as this one by specialist on the topic Aaron Parker that will show you how to master all of the 7 key skills of ejaculatory control.

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